Off The Wall…

So when is digital projection mapping not digital projection mapping? When it’s an iPhone controlled game, buddy.

I know, right?

This has been touted as the world’s first digital interactive projected multiplayer game – and it was created for Cornetto in Turkey. I’m not going to waste any more time explaining the idea. Check it out:

As digital mechanics become cheaper to experiment with, digital agencies are busy pushing the limits of what can be done with the tech.That means really cool hybird activations are being developed as new ways to engage consumers: iPhone projected games, touch-screen real-life interactions… The trend is for form follows fun.

And the trend is gaining strength.

Speaking of trends gaining strength, have you heard of “coning”? It’s in the same league as planking and extreme ironing, only a little more…um….check it out for yourself:

Yeah. I got nothing either.

Is Apple Trying To Kill Facebook?

The WWCD has sent the expected ripples through the Apple fanboy community. Now that the dust has settled, there may be reason for the rest of us to pay more attention to the latest updates in Apple’s world.

Essentially since the launch of the iPad, Apple has been accelerating its development in both hardware and software, driving the convergent device uptake by its market. And with rumours floating around abou the phasing out of the iPod in favour of the iPhone, the last of the Apple non-covergent devices in the stable seem to heading for extinction.

So what does all this mean? Well, at first glance not much: a range of user-friendly exponentially cool advancements, the kind of stuff we’ve come to expect from Apple. From a different angle: Apple is trying to kill Facebook.


Here’s a scenario: with your iDevice, you won’t need an app for Facebook, because your app will be your presence on the network. This network will in all likelihood be content-run via the iCloud as a series of connected apps, so whenever you snap a pic, record a movie, update a status, whatever, it’s instantly delivered to your friends (because they’ll have your app or at least be connected to the cloud). Of course, apps can catch as well as throw info, so your app will talk to your friends’ apps, getting data and making sure you’re up to date. Throw in iMessage that allows you to message anyone in your network with any iDevice (can your hear the screams over at RIM Blackberry?) and your end result is an Apple powered social media network that’s accessible only through your Apple device.

On another note, Apple promises brands that the people who see their iAds will at least be able to afford it. It’s not just targeted advertising. It’s targeted advertising within a targeted market. And where Facebook serves up tiny classified-style ads, Apple offers fully interactive branded experiences. Of course, you know that the same scenario that applies to your network applies to branded apps: the content you want delivered when you want it.

The biggest advantage to Apple though is that they make hardware and their platform runs only on their hardware. So you need to pay to play. Now a lot of folks may call that a barrier to entry but Apple is firmly in the zeitgeist, with an amazing amount of credit in the global hearts and minds bank. Also, their stuff just works – and their TVC propaganda campaign didn’t hurt at all.

From where I’m sitting, it looks like Apple is lining up  its forces for an attack on Facebook’s territory. What will be interesting is how the (world’s only?) social network reacts to this challenge. That’s not to say Facebook is sitting still, with announcements about making Spotify and movie rental services available via the platform being made with huge fanfare. Yeah, it’s not going to happen overnight but if I’m right, this is the first open act of aggression in what has thus far pretty much been a cold war for your attention and your wallet. Who are you going to side with?

Let the games begin.

Full-On Friday….

PETA exploiting hot women to protest cruelty to bears. Yeah. I'm down with that.

Hectic week! Got lost twice, tried to walk around the block that the Burj Calipha stands on (bad idea – 45 minutes later) and finally watched Prince Of Persia (don’t watch it if you’ve ever played any of the games).


We’re starting things off with this gem from Stolichnya, the vodka that asks you “Would you share a drink with yourself?” A great premise for an existentialist diversion and also a pretty good ad…

Yeah. I’m more of a fan of dressing-gown Hugh. There’s just something ultimately cool about going work in your dressing-gown…unless of course that’s all you’re wearing. Then it’s just creepy…

Moving along to this awesome little effort from an Israeli band (whoops! Think I just got flagged by the Dubai Secret Service?) who shot their video incorporating iPhones. Don’t know if The Lord Of All The Cool Things (aka Steve Jobs) even cared to send them a “Well done” text message or if he’s just sitting back and enjoying the free PR. Either way, it’s worth a watch… WARNING: the music’s average, so turn it down and enjoy the visuals…

Speaking of musicians, this weird effort from Fiat was tipped to me by an up-and-coming muso, Spenelo…and really, it’s too weird not too share. Thanks buddy!

By the way, check out Spenelo on Twitter , his Blog and Facebook (all links open in new windows). All the cool kids are doing it.

And that’s me for this week… Have an awesome weekend!

Blue skies…

Dead Air…


I’ve been saying it for the longest time now.

Radio needs to work harder and smarter. Cut the amount of mindless shit being spewed out by know-nothing DJs, cut the amount of useless shit being advertised and add more relevant content – especially from the DJs (TIP: if you’re only going to speak about yourself or read another bloody “funny email”, shut up and play another song).

In January of last year, I blogged about the programming manager of a well-known local commercial radio station who told me “Digital radio is dead. It’s not a threat.“ And this at a time when the FCC was mooting the Whitespace frequency for digital-radio roll out.

Well, buddy, have I got news for you…

Aha Mobile brings you Aha Radio, a free mobile application that transfers a broad range of web-based information into a customisable radio experience.


In English that means you can listen to real-time traffic reports, Twitter and Facebook updates, plus 50 channels of content-podcasts with stuff like restaurant reviews, and news from NPR and Fox.

In addition, there will be “community-stations“, where you’ll be able to communicate with other usersif you want.

And that’s the big thing: “if you want“. You’ll only get the content you want. So you decide which Twitter streams, Facebook updates, news reports, etc you want to listen to.

What about music? Well, rollout is currently through the iPhone, so you’ll have the music you want to listen to, but there is also discussion about linking to mobile music providers. In addition, the revenue model is based around 10 second ad flashes (which I’m guessing will ultimately be customised) and premium content and services subscriptions (think GPS direction services).

It’s the world beyond radio…and it’s getting closer…


Uncle Steve wants you to buy this thrice over the next 5 years.

So the world has as one lost its friggin’ mind over the launch of the iPad last week.

Yeah. And you may have noticed that I’ve taken my time to write about it.

Yeah. And that’s because I’m not that impressed.

No USB, no multi-tasking, no flash support (thanks to @eXCheez for the heads up), no camera…

What the hell were Apple thinking?

They were probably thinking “We need to hype the hell out of this bitch because essentially all we’ve really got is a prototype – and we need to be first to market with this thing, so we can say we’re ‘market leaders'” or some shit.

Because that’s what this looks like: a prototype

It’s worth repeating: No USB, no multi-tasking, no flash support, no camera...

And it’s not the first time Apple has done this. They did it with the iPod and the iPhone. It’s actually a beautiful idea: test your product (and your market) at the cost of the customers.

Ok I’ll agree that when you look at the iPad, you’re looking at the future of computing…except it’s about 3 iterations away.

Seriously. So don’t reach into your pocket just yet. Hang in there. Wait for version 2…or even 3. And maybe you won’t have to be embarrased by the dorky name they’ve given this one.

They had it coming…

Sometimes the shoe needs to be on the other foot. Leave it to the Simpsons to get it on the button.

Amazing satire and yet it does no damage to the brand whatsoever. In fact, it will probably increase the goodwill towards the Apple brand (from everyone except the die-hard MS-heads).

“Those guys at Apple. What a bunch of great folks. They can even take a joke at their own expense.”

Apple is clearly part of the global zeitgeist for all the right reasons. $10 says the guys over at CPB are sitting around saying, “How the hell do they do it?”