Dolce & Gabbana Slip Up…

Dick Cheney LOVES these guys...maybe.

Sixteen thousand kilometers. That’s the distance from Cape Town, South Africa to Milan, Italy. It’s about 9 days to drive there. So it’s a quite a distance. Dolce & Gabbana’s head office doesn’t seem to think so. In fact, it would appear that they believe it’s the same as being on the same block…if their recent litigation against Cape Town brand &Banana is anything to go by.

Briefly, &Banana used to be Dolce & Banana, which is a cute play on the global brand’s name. &Banana sells jewellery and purses in a market where D&G doesn’t even have an outlet. Nonetheless, when the owner of &Banana was face with a lawsuit and forced to change the name of her business, she complied. Now, D&G want her to pay their $13 000 in legal costs and it looks like they’re not going to let it go.

D&G really aren’t doing themselves any favours here. While it’s true that legally they may have had a claim against &Banana, they could have easily brought her into the fold as it were, maybe even given her some support by tipping their hat to her and just basically come off like a serious business that understands a joke when it sees it. Instead, they’ve got their proverbial panties in a twist and now, not content with having bullied a smaller business that was no competition at all for their brand, they want to leave it a few grand poorer.

Well done, Dolce & Gabanna. You’ve proven that your brand doesn’t understand anything but profits. Clearly business must be really bad if you’re stooping this low to get some coins to fatten up that bottom line. And while you may never really care about what anyone thinks and while your target market may not give a damn, rest assured that D&G has been negatively selected from my list of brands to purchase going forward. No, it’s not much but I for one won’t be spending a red cent on a brand that’s as ruthless as Dolce & Gabanna.

By the way, there’s a Dolce & Banana sandwich bar in the States and a Dolce & Banana grocer in the UK. Oh and a Dolce & Banana Kids, which raises money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. They all better watch their backs. Who knows how much more litigious Dolce & Gabbana will get before the end of their financial year?