2Oceansvibe Doesn’t Like To Be Told…

Earlier last week, it was brought to my attention that 2oceansvibe had used a comment I left on their website as the basis of an editorial they wrote about the radio industry. While I have no issue with this, I do have an issue with some of the content in my comment possibly being misleading in the context of the article.

So, here is my response to the article.

Firstly, the comment I made in the context of the original article was a criticism of the radio industry in general and not Primedia Broadcasting alone. To represent that comment as anything else such is misleading given the context of the article in question.

Secondly, I was employed by Primedia Broadcasting and not Kfm as the article may lead some to believe. Further, in my original comment on the original article, I had not identified myself as a Primedia Broadcasting employee (ex or otherwise), nor had I mentioned Primedia Broadcasting in any way. Instead, I chose to comment in my private capacity. For the record, I resigned from Primedia around 5 years ago. So the headline is patently sensationalist. Moreover, the comment is based on my own opinion and should not be attributed to any of my colleagues from Primedia Broadcasting.

Finally, and most importantly, while 2oceansvibe may use the comment to strengthen their argument for digital radio vs traditional radio, my comment in no way should be viewed as an endorsement in favour of 2oceansvibe or any of its subsidiary or associated brands or activities. In my opinion, there’s very little in terms of content to separate the 2oceansvibe from its terrestrial counterparts.

Nonetheless, I stand by my comment as a criticism of the industry and still believe digital radio is the future of the medium.

On a personal note, while I can respect the editorial privilege that Seth enjoys on his site, I find it rather disappointing that he chose to delete my comment instead of responding to it directly on his site or to me via email. Doing so is disingenuos and can only be viewed as a self-serving act of someone who doesn’t really want to engage in any meaningful debate around the topic. 

UPDATE: Almost immediately after posting this piece, Seth contacted me (see below) to let me know the comment had reappeared. Something about cache issues  – although I was contacted via Twitter and was told it had something to do with manually approving comments. Regardless, I will take him at his word regarding that and retract the final statements of this post.