Nando’s Vs Santam (Round 3)


Nandos. Who doesn’t love them? I’ll tell you: mean spirited kitty-kicking Communists, that’s who. Maybe. Or maybe they also like Nandos. Anyway, it’s all besides the point. The point is that in addition to making awesome chicken (IMHO; that endorsement was not paid for), they also do great advertising…especially when they do send-ups of other brands. 

The most recent battle is playing out as you read this. It’s Nandos vs Santam…and I think maybe this time, the chickens will have to put their money where their mouth is.

The original (featuring Sir Ben Kingsley, no less)

The parody

The knock-out(?)

What’s cool about this is that there’s no stupid litigation involved. Instead, SANTAM has chosen to rather use a tactic that not only makes them look like a bunch of guys who can take a joke but also give a damn about people less fortunate than themselves. 

Well played, SANTAM. Well played.


Microsoft Gets It…Right?

I hate Microsoft. I really do. Oh, and you Apple-heads can shut up too because I’m not that much of a fan of the Cult Of Jobs either.

Anyway, if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know about my aforementioned disdain for Microsoft. From their sophomoric attempts to ingratiate themselves with their market to that abysmal advertising abortion starring Jerry Seinfeld, Microsoft have time and again given me cause to stand up…and run for the bathroom before I projectile vomit all over my (LINUX POWERED) computer in a physical manifestation of my disgust at having been subjected to their inanity.

That said, I think they may be on to something with this new campaign. Presenting the browser you loved to hate, the new IE campaign from Microsoft.

So it looks like Microsoft have tried to shoot for the humour angle…and self-deprecating humour at that. Maybe they’ve finally figured out, if the whole world thinks you’re a joke, you may as well laugh along with them.

My only issue is the slight residual taste of arrogance in the used of  “loveD“. To my mind, that’s a little premature. Rather let the market decide if they still hate you or not. It would have been cooler if they were all about a full-on conversion campaign and then got folks to give up their favourite browsers for a week in favour of IE – and shot it documentary style. Maybe they’ll do that for phase 2?

Chevrolet: IT’S GAME TIME!

So in contrast to yesterday’s post about Honda, Chevy have stepped it up a notch with running not only the standard Superbowl commercials but also a dedicated Superbowl app. It’s called Gametime and here’s what it does (kinda)…

Hmmm. Not much in the way of detail in the clip although the prizes look really cool. A quick visit to the app site reveals that the app itself looks a little disappointing. To take part, you need to answer questions about TV commercials and football trivia. Not exactly riveting stuff, especially when you compare it to Heineken’s UEFA app. Still, it’s a bold move from the brand and it will be interesting to see the final download and play stats after Superbowl Sunday.

By the way, here’s my pick of the Chevy Superbowl “Crowdsourced” ads. It’s not a knockout but hey it’s not bad either.

Not bad…this will probably sum up Chevy’s Superbowl  this year.

Honda Goes Retro With Bueller…

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. One of the best movies to ever see daylight during the 80’s. I learned a lot from that movie, especially how to ditch school regularly and while I may never have taken a joyride in a stolen Ferrari (it’s still on my bucket list), the adventures of the titular character have stayed with me since my first viewing of the movie.

Honda clearly have realised that the target market for their 2012 CRV were probably fans of the movie back in the day. So they’ve reworked it into an ad for the 2012 Superbowl. Natch.

Yeah. I don’t know. I really, really wanted to like it. Really I did. Sadly, no such luck. The ad is weak and feels forced. There are some nice touches…like the soundtrack (WHOOP!) and the re-imagining of the parade scene but the rest…just contrived. And where’s Cameron!? I don’t know what the greater opinion on this ad will be but it’s a miss for me. And more’s the tragedy since it could have been an epic brandslam. Maybe next year…

Axe Saves Your Relationship…

The thing I love most about the Axe brand is its unrepentant position as the brand that looks after guys. Campaign after campaign, this brand just gets it right, showing guys in a completely over-the-top way how Axe gets them what they want: more chicks, more often.

And that’s why I really love this latest ad from the brand. Instead of being the facilitator of yet another liaison with a gorgeous woman, Axe flips the script…and saves your relationship.

Sure, it’s slightly derivative of The Wolf from Pulp Fiction but how many young guys could have done with someone like this in their lives…at least once? And that’s why it works, because it resonates with its market on a human level.

Oh and it’s funny. Head on over to the website for another look at how the Cleaner sorts out the misadventures of his clients. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles for these movies as yet but I’m sure the interwebs will sort that out soon enough.

Stealing With Pride…

Interwebs be blowing up with this little bit of scandal right now, yo. 

Seems MWEB’s ad agency has been caught with their hands in the creative cookie-jar. What’s it all about? Well, this is MWEB’s most recent ad (which was featured on the creative showcase site 10and5)

And here’s one that was done earlier for Numericable by Leo Burnett Paris.


So as the community on 10and5 rightly pointed out, the similarities between the two are quite interesting. Seriously though, we all know about the not-so-fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. See an idea, like an idea and then use it to build your own damned idea. Cut-and-paste “creativity” doesn’t work. And you will get caught out. Whoever the “creatives” are on this job should be dragged out into public for all to see. Advertising has enough damned problems without this kind of crap. The M&C Saatchi Abel ECD has publicly confirmed that this is not from within their bullpen. The question is: who did it then? The answer is: we may never know, as everyone rushes to cover their asses on this one. MWEB by the looks of things. According to 10and5, MWEB came up with this idea after considering “various references”. Yeah. As far as I can see, they just considered one….and very closely at that.

It’s a sad day for advertising all round.

BMW And The Race For The Next Level…

As a Saffer, I’m always happy to be able to share work that’s right out of my home country…even if I’m not a fan of the brand. BMW SA had to find a new way to launch the new 1 Series. iLogic was tasked with coming up with a unique way to engage the market. This is what went down…

On the face of it, it’s not the slickest execution but it is again a signal of what can be done. Personally, I would have been more impressed with a NFS style driver skinned for this execution (it can be done) but it’s still pretty cool, especially the social media link. And it looks like the players had fun. I would have tried to maybe add a vid-capture of the race so it could be uploaded to the BMW page with the contestants tagged in it but hey, deadlines and budgets, no? Big up to iLogic for taking the leap on this.

We’ve seen something similar to this in Turkey around the middle of last year (click here to see that execution) but I’m really looking forward to seeing how this idea evolves…