Chevrolet: IT’S GAME TIME!

So in contrast to yesterday’s post about Honda, Chevy have stepped it up a notch with running not only the standard Superbowl commercials but also a dedicated Superbowl app. It’s called Gametime and here’s what it does (kinda)…

Hmmm. Not much in the way of detail in the clip although the prizes look really cool. A quick visit to the app site reveals that the app itself looks a little disappointing. To take part, you need to answer questions about TV commercials and football trivia. Not exactly riveting stuff, especially when you compare it to Heineken’s UEFA app. Still, it’s a bold move from the brand and it will be interesting to see the final download and play stats after Superbowl Sunday.

By the way, here’s my pick of the Chevy Superbowl “Crowdsourced” ads. It’s not a knockout but hey it’s not bad either.

Not bad…this will probably sum up Chevy’s Superbowl  this year.

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