Axe Saves Your Relationship…

The thing I love most about the Axe brand is its unrepentant position as the brand that looks after guys. Campaign after campaign, this brand just gets it right, showing guys in a completely over-the-top way how Axe gets them what they want: more chicks, more often.

And that’s why I really love this latest ad from the brand. Instead of being the facilitator of yet another liaison with a gorgeous woman, Axe flips the script…and saves your relationship.

Sure, it’s slightly derivative of The Wolf from Pulp Fiction but how many young guys could have done with someone like this in their lives…at least once? And that’s why it works, because it resonates with its market on a human level.

Oh and it’s funny. Head on over to the website for another look at how the Cleaner sorts out the misadventures of his clients. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles for these movies as yet but I’m sure the interwebs will sort that out soon enough.


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