Stealing With Pride…

Interwebs be blowing up with this little bit of scandal right now, yo. 

Seems MWEB’s ad agency has been caught with their hands in the creative cookie-jar. What’s it all about? Well, this is MWEB’s most recent ad (which was featured on the creative showcase site 10and5)

And here’s one that was done earlier for Numericable by Leo Burnett Paris.


So as the community on 10and5 rightly pointed out, the similarities between the two are quite interesting. Seriously though, we all know about the not-so-fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. See an idea, like an idea and then use it to build your own damned idea. Cut-and-paste “creativity” doesn’t work. And you will get caught out. Whoever the “creatives” are on this job should be dragged out into public for all to see. Advertising has enough damned problems without this kind of crap. The M&C Saatchi Abel ECD has publicly confirmed that this is not from within their bullpen. The question is: who did it then? The answer is: we may never know, as everyone rushes to cover their asses on this one. MWEB by the looks of things. According to 10and5, MWEB came up with this idea after considering “various references”. Yeah. As far as I can see, they just considered one….and very closely at that.

It’s a sad day for advertising all round.


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