VW: The Bark Side…

VW’s back with a follow-up to their amazingly successful “Darth Vader” Super Bowl commercial. For those of you who missed that, here it is…

That’s 48 million views worth of commercial. And I’m not a fan of TVCs but that was simply awesome. Anyway, as I said before, VW is looking to capitalise on that success with the follow-up. It’s a teaser for the 2012 Game Dayy commercial and here it is…

Yeah. If that doesn’t make you smile, you’re dead inside. And at the time of writing, it had clocked 50 000 views in 9 hours. Can’t wait for the actual commercial. And I can’t believe I just said that. By the way, the link at the end of the vid takes you to the VW site where you will soon be able to create your very own Star Wars crawl. Nifty, no?


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