BMW And The Race For The Next Level…

As a Saffer, I’m always happy to be able to share work that’s right out of my home country…even if I’m not a fan of the brand. BMW SA had to find a new way to launch the new 1 Series. iLogic was tasked with coming up with a unique way to engage the market. This is what went down…

On the face of it, it’s not the slickest execution but it is again a signal of what can be done. Personally, I would have been more impressed with a NFS style driver skinned for this execution (it can be done) but it’s still pretty cool, especially the social media link. And it looks like the players had fun. I would have tried to maybe add a vid-capture of the race so it could be uploaded to the BMW page with the contestants tagged in it but hey, deadlines and budgets, no? Big up to iLogic for taking the leap on this.

We’ve seen something similar to this in Turkey around the middle of last year (click here to see that execution) but I’m really looking forward to seeing how this idea evolves…


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