Uncharted 3: The Quest For Facebook…

So I wasn’t going to start blogging until the end of the month, what with January generally being a quiet period at the beginning of the year.

And then Playstation and Uncharted 3 hit me with what must be one of the coolest Facebook activations I’ve seen in ages. Basically, it’s a mini-game that you can play within your Facebook profile. Check out the screenshots.

Game start screen: sand in your profile. That can't be good

Shoot the bastards in the featured images section! What happened to my LOLCATS!?

Kill the bastards to get the secret code (which is different everytime, hater).

Use the code to open the safe behind your profile pic. Internet

Toss a spanner into the works (not as easy as it looks).

What’s really cool are the small touches in the game, like getting the gun from the Uncharted 3 game ad on the right and Nathan Drake’s messages on the wall. Another really cool addition is the Google Chrome plug-in for this game. Install the browser plug-in and play the game on your profile by clicking icon in your browser.

To check it out for yourself, head on over to the Playstation page in Facebook.

As far as I know this is the first digital brand activation to take advantage of the revamped Facebook profile. This kind of activation is really forward-thinking and as agencies look to gain leverage over their competitors, the upper limits of pervasive technologies must be explored.

Anyway, this is too much awesome – and definitely a BRANDSLAM. A good start to the year.


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