FedEx: There’s Always Someone Watching…

Personally, I think if you’re going to do a job, do it right. If you’re a street sweeper or a strategic analyst, just be a damned professional…or risk getting busted on YouTube

The tragic part is going to be the fallout for the FedEx brand after this – and right at Christmas too. It’s a perfect PR storm.

Whatever goodwill built up by FedEx has pretty much destroyed in an instant. As of now, whenever a FedEx delivers a product and it’s damaged, it’s going to be FedEx’s fault. And it’s going to be on FedEx to prove it isn’t. I’ll bet a lot of folks are going to be rethinking how they ship their gifts this Christmas. And if I was a FedEx competitor, I’d be moving faster than flying reindeer to capitalize on this screw-up.

And to the guy who tossed the monitor and is probably going to be publicly fired in a PR exercise: way to go, buddy. I guess you showed them.


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