Straight Out Of The (Far) East Side…

Ah, Japan. Land of sushi and samurais…and some of the weirdest advertising ever witnessed by humankind. Seriously, I have no idea what a creative brainstorm looks like in a Japanese agency but I’m willing to bet it involves licking toads…

But wait: what does the brief look like when it comes in? How do you write a brief that even begins to cover the insanity of some of this stuff?

What I don’t get is how this stuff got approved. These ads all went to a marketing director or some such other guy in a suit and he said “Hai. Let’s do this. Now shut up and pass me a fresh batch of toads.” I’m guessing about the toads. I might be wrong about the toads. Please don’t email me about the toads.

You know what’s really scary though? The stuff that didn’t make the cut. Can you imagine the level of insanity that pervades the stuff that was turned down? Surely, in all those tripping-balls sessions, there was stuff that people were all like “No, Yohshi man. You’re crazy. That will never fly.” 

Clearly, even subtitles don’t help… Yeah. Japan, baby. It’s probably the last outpost of “Screw it. Let’s do it.”



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