Possibly The Most Annoying Viral In The World…

What do you get when you mix a lot of WTF with a brand that’s willing to walk away from advertising that is just reading you what is on the pack?

You get this clip from Skittles. 590 000 views in less than 3 days (at the time of writing). I’ve written about Skittles before on this blog and the fantastic work they’re doing to win hearts and minds with their brand.

Anyway, enough from me. Check out the clip. Warning: you will pee in your pants about 25 seconds in…

What an awesome clip. You see, stodgy old brands. This is the cool stuff that happens when you relax your slacks. This guy may be a shill but hell, I’m ok with that. You want odds that people will recall this spot and probably pick up more Skittles in the future? I wouldn’t bet against it.

Well played, Skittles. Well played.


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