Dude. You’re a Barista: Samsung vs Apple…

So last time, we spoke a little about the latest iPad ad. Off screen, I’ve been catching a little flack from folks about how “THOSE ADS ARE PART OF A SERIES!! STEVE JOBS WAS INVOLVED IN THOSE ADS!! YOUR MOTHER SUCKS FARTS OUT OF DEAD SEAGULLS!” and other insightful bits and pieces.


Fact remains that particular ad was a vapid piece of celluloid, devoid of meaning or inspiration. And it’s best we just move on from it, to something clever….like this:

Now how awesome was that? An ad that says what people are thinking. Yeah, it’s a about 2 weeks old now but you’d be amazed how many haven’t seen it yet (through willful omission, hey Apple Acolytes?).

Nonetheless, it’s a good ad. It gets across the selling points of the phone, takes a neat little dig at the competition and most importantly, makes you smile. I’m willing to bet there are a few folks who (maybe for the first time) are seriously considering Samsung as a mobile phone option.

And that’s good advertising.



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