Starbucks And The Issue With Verbs…

I think this is the first digital marketing campaign of the silly season. Well, the first one to blip my radar. It’s pretty obvious stuff and nothing ground breaking but it’s still a fun augmented reality idea from Starbucks.

Yeah. It’s OK. Just one thing. MERRY is not a verb. You can’t MERRY. Never in the documented history of humankind has anyone been able to MERRY.  To the so-called copywriter who wrote that line: you’re a douchebag. It’s douchebags like you that make the rest of the world hate copywriters – and get civilians believing that they can do what we do, because they look at the crap you do and think that’s what we do.

FACT: just because we work in advertising doesn’t mean we get to break the rules when it comes to ACTUAL writing. In fact, I can point you in the direction of one study that proves the opposite is true. I’ll post the link on the Twitterz (irony alert).

Season’s Bloody Greetings.


2 thoughts on “Starbucks And The Issue With Verbs…

  1. Right on! I saw the “I merry” sign on a Starbucks door the other day and wanted
    to smash the door with a baseball bat. I’m
    sick of this attitude in advertising that any word can be adapted to be used as any part of speech–it might be hip, but it sounds moronic. We speak English; we do not speak Newspeak. I don’t think we should have
    an official “academy” as the French do to
    control our language. Rather, we should
    try to speak and write intelligently on own
    accord to function in society. Do they contort
    the language to be trendy, or are they really that illiterate and don’t know any better? Scary.

    Thank you for addressing this topic! I feel
    better knowing someone else cares about
    these things.

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