May The Force Be With Your Commute…

So the new Star Wars Blu-Ray re-releases may suck balls (see below) but you can’t fault this little marketing stunt from Japan.  20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan  decided to put the experience of Star Wars in the hands of their target audience: geeky guys. And they did it like this:

That’s right baby! Light-sabre handrails…that LIGHT UP!! How awesome? OK, so you can’t detach them but they’re still pretty badass. And it’s the first time the handrails of subway trains in Japan have been used in a campaign.

Yup. This one should surface at awards shows soon.

Oh, and the Star Wars Blu-Ray re-releases suck ass…for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is this:

In case you’re wondering, that “NOOOO” wasn’t in the original Return Of The Jedi. For some reason, George Lucas decided we should be able to hear Darth Vader’s internal struggle, instead of being surprised by the character development at the climax of the film.

Hey George! Instead of dicking with great movies and screwing them up. how about you make some new ones? You ass.

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