adidas Looks Up Your Skirt…

I love the adidas brand, especially the Originals range. I totally sold my soul for the adidas Star Wars Darksiders Football Jacket that hangs in my wardrobe. Did I mention I currently live in a country where it never gets colder than 25 degrees Celsius? I love my adidas jacket.

I especially like the adidas Originals ads: a little urban, a little edgy but serious fun always. They speak to me and I can relate. And then…then there’s the Active range. Now I’m no hardcore athlete so performance ads make no sense to me. So when this came along from TBWA…well, why don’t you see for yourself?


I don’t get it.

Anyone want to take a shot at explaining this one?


One thought on “adidas Looks Up Your Skirt…

  1. Well, it’s Japanese advertising. They have gone up to a whole new level but I think it makes sense in Japanese context where eating shit from a girl is cool. I don’t know if I make sense.

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