Cadbury Wants You To Play With Your Food…

Cadbury and Blippar have teamed up to bring you a little something extra with your chocolate bar. Check this out:

The game works for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phones. No mention of Blackberry. Shock. Horror. Disbelief. Anyway, the game only lasts 30 seconds and is pretty pointless but it is a great way of showing brands what’s possible with a little extra thinking. Another nice touch (for the brand marketing team) is along with the Facebook sharing vibe, there’s an official Twitter hashtag you can use to share as well (and that the brand marketing team can use to track “buzz”; and that’s an entirely other discussion).

Anyway, very nice move on the part of Cadbury. And very interesting to see Blippar (the tech partner) sharing the top billing. Very interesting, indeed. Expect to see more of this stuff as the aging Creative Directors of big agencies loosen their sphincters and embrace more digital thinking.


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