Gaming The System…

When it comes to digital brand activation, I truly believe in online/offline collaborative marketing executions. In other words, give your online brand activation a real world component and you’ve got a win. With that in mind, here’s an example of that bullseye from New Balance (y’know, the sneakers white people like):

Not bad, huh? Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this exact mechanic. Anyone remember this little gem from Mini Cooper circa 2010?

What’s great about both examples is how gaming mechanics iare built into them. The gamification of marketing executions is hot right now and lots of folks are scrambling to take advantage of it. Gamification is nothing new. If you’ve been on Foursquare, you’ve been messing with game mechanics for a while now. What do you think being Mayor is if not topping a leaderboard? Badges are just PS3 style achievement rewards. And then there’s the ever popular Hotel626 from Doritos (Google it). Let’s face it, everyone loves to play.

So if you’re considering a digital brand activation exercise for a client, throw in gaming mechanics. It’s the easiest way to get your market to voluntarily engage with your brand. Have fun!


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