What Is This? I Don’t Even…

Someone call Pest Control!

Meet Rico, the foul-mouthed mascot of Air New Zealand. He’s a bit like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog…only not as funny. That’s understandable because he works for a corporation so he’s gotta watch himself, I guess. What Rico does do well is interview celebrity train-smashes. Check out this interview with The Hoff.

And if that wasn’t enough, he did one with La Lohan. Yup, Lindsay Lohan escaped from house arrest long enough to pull up a pew and chew the fat with puppet. It’s…just watch the clip.

Here’s the thing. Rico is one popular rodent bastard. Seriously. Nearly 360 000 views on LeLo  and 420 000 for the Hoff. Hell, he’s even done a bit with Snoop. And now he’s gonna do another interview with Giuliana Rancic of Style Channel fame.

I don’t get it. Anyone care to take a shot at why this is so popular? I’m still trying to figure out how one sells in a foul-mouthed squirrel as the mascot for a major airline.


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