Digital In Action…

The cool thing about digital marketing is that because the archive is practically limitless, the good stuff hangs around for a long time after the initial campaigns have run their course. So, I’m going to showcase a few of the better digital campaigns out there, that you may not know exist. I hope they entertain you (and maybe inspire you a little).

First up is a little digital psychic vibe. This is Madame Tresesti, created to promote the Vodafone 360 (see what they did there?).

The Madame can read your mind (via your social media networks). And I gotta say, the results are quite entertaining. For the leery among you, I connected my networks to this site and never received any spam afterwards. Click the picture to visit the site (opens in a new window).

Next up is this genius execution from Got Milk? called “Get The Glass”.

This one plays like your classic boardgame. The animation is very much Wallace & Gromit and incredibly cute. I’ve played this game over and again just because it’s so much damned fun. Racing the Tadachi family across the island will definitely keep you occupied for a while. Click the picture to visit the site (opens in a new window).

The last one for today is Asylum 626, the sequel to Hotel 626, my all-time favourite from Doritos.

This is an interactive survival horror game that makes use of your social media networks to take it to a new level. And yes, like its predecessor, you can only play this one between 6pm and 6am. Seriously, turn off the lights and plug in the headphones. Oh and maybe get some rubber pants because you will pee in your pants. Click the picture to visit the site (opens in a new window).

So there you have it.  Three really awesome digital marketing campaigns that are still as cool today as they were when they launched. If you’ve got any more I may have missed, throw them down in the comment section.


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