News Of The Wastes…

Mr Socko says "Shut yo mouf!"Mr Socko!

This brouhaha that has exploded around the News Of The World has been quite intriguing. People are calling for Rupert Murdoch’s head, wanting to burn Rebecca Brooks in effigy (and some want to burn her at the stake) and some even want to have all the reporters hamstrung publicly.

So here’s a message to the vicious hoard: jog on.

What you guys have failed to realise is that people like you are part of the problem. Like drug dealers, the News Of The World would not have existed if there wasn’t a market for it. And the market didn’t care how the story of the latest scandal was uncovered, only what the juicy details were.

Similarly, Murdoch (Rupert, not Howling Mad) didn’t care how his revenue was made from News Of The World, only that there was revenue. His biggest crime is probably not wanting to know. Stick your hand up if you’ve never done that. No-one? That’s what I thought.

No, the real issue here (besides the unscrupulous so-called editors and journos who should be publicly tarred and feathered) is the low-minded bottom-feeders who enjoy vicarious thrills by reading these rags. And now in an blinding display of hypocrisy, these people want to denounce the very publications they supported. Yup, when the lights go on, cockroaches will sacrifice each other to survive. It’s these people that need to be “dealt with”. It’s this mass of human waste who propigated the cycle.

But no.

Mr and Mrs Lowest Common Denominator will live on, feeding the gossip rag trade and filling their minds with the sordid ficitonal details of lives they will never live. So you can be sure, we’ll see this again.

And again.

And again…

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