Off The Wall…

So when is digital projection mapping not digital projection mapping? When it’s an iPhone controlled game, buddy.

I know, right?

This has been touted as the world’s first digital interactive projected multiplayer game – and it was created for Cornetto in Turkey. I’m not going to waste any more time explaining the idea. Check it out:

As digital mechanics become cheaper to experiment with, digital agencies are busy pushing the limits of what can be done with the tech.That means really cool hybird activations are being developed as new ways to engage consumers: iPhone projected games, touch-screen real-life interactions… The trend is for form follows fun.

And the trend is gaining strength.

Speaking of trends gaining strength, have you heard of “coning”? It’s in the same league as planking and extreme ironing, only a little more…um….check it out for yourself:

Yeah. I got nothing either.


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