We Need To Talk About Google Plus…


I would really appreciate it if all of you marketing guys would CTFD and STFU about how Google Plus is a great new marketing channel.


We all get it:  Google’s uncovered some potentially powerful marketing opportunities. Direct mail principles are important to Google Plus, SEO  is going to come into its own, blah blah blah. As a marketing guy myself, I can understand you’re excited.

You’re also scaring the cool kids (and your market) away. 

They (the digital literate market) don’t want to hear that. Think about it. They came to Facebook because it was cool to hang out and post pictures and talk about stuff that was interesting to them. And it was fun because there wasn’t some dork hovering around eavesdropping on their conversations and acting all creepy trying to figure out how to exploit those conversations. If you start mouthing off about how you’re going to game Google Plus so you can sell people stuff BEFORE IT’S EVEN FULLY OPERATIONAL, no-one’s going to want to play there.

See how that doesn’t really work to your advantage?

So please,  just chill out, have some fun and enjoy the new space. Lean in and create some cool content, share some stuff that you’re interested in, hang out with the Hangout…

Don’t shill. Don’t sell. Don’t pitch. The marketing stuff will happen but let’s not try to kill the goose BEFORE it lays those golden eggs, ok?

Thank you.

And for the record, despite all this, I’m really enjoying Google Plus. The Hangout video-chat feature is pretty cool albeit a little difficult to co-ordinate across time-zones (but that’s my issue with basic math). Sparks are also cool. They’re much better than Facebook Pages since the content served up by sparks comes from the entire web – and not just the content approved  arbitrarily by some moderator.

So yeah, a big plus for Google Plus. Sign up if you haven’t already. And if you need an invite, just holler (I promise I won’t sell you a damned thing).


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