The Takeover…

These have kind of snuck in under the radar. They’re YouTube takeovers. Personally, I think they’re better than digital projection mapping, simply because you don’t have to wait until dark to see them or stick to the show schedule.

One of the first YouTube takeovers was this anti-cyberbullying one. It’s kinda lame but the execution isn’t bad. Unfortunately, the original clip seems to be missing so here’s a recording of the recording but you’ll get the idea:

Of course, over time these things improved. Even Stallone did one for the Expendables movie. It’s…OK. Click the pic to see it on YouTube (opens in a new window):

My favourite takeover though, is this one from alcohol brand Desperados. For the full effect, you should totally connect your Facebook account to this one. Click the image to see it on YouTubw (opens in a new window):

So there you have it, YouTube takeovers. A little slice of awesomeness on the web, that may sadly disappear when YouTube does its redesign. Take advantage of it while you can.


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