Heineken Shoots…And Scores…

The thing about broadcast sports is that it gives all us who played sport all those years ago, the chance to relive the success we never had. It also turns us all into armchair coaches.

“He should have passed!”  “No chance he’ll make that shot.”

Heineken, one of the main sponsors behind the UEFA Champions League, saw an opportunity in this behaviour and created “Heineken Star Player”.

Available on iPhone only (for the moment) and Facebook, this global app that places you at the centre of every UEFA Champions League match. Make the predictions on the outcomes of corners, penalties, free kicks and so on for points and prizes, while the game is played LIVE on TV. Cool huh? And because you can play with your mates while you’re watching, it makes those impromptu bets on outcomes more difficult to weasel out of. There’s always one knob-end. We all know him. The guy who always falls abck on “I never said that. Prove it!” Yeah, him. Anyway, check out the app in the clip:


 INSIGHT: With approximately 86% of people who use mobile Internet on their phones using it while watching TV, this is a sure-fire hit – and probably the strongest signal that static digital marketing communication is as dead as a doornail. And in case, you missed it, the web is not an isolated communication channel. What this means is that the web is no longer just on your desktop. It’s in your pocket, on your tablet or your laptop.

A lot of people will say “OBVIOUSLY”. Sure, but how many of us actually look at a client brief and think about this ubiquity? And how many of us know how to turn this ubiquity into utility?

Utility is where we need to be thinking: how do we make brands useful to their consumers beyond the product/service?

Here are four ways I consider the answer to that question:

  • Entertain (give me games to play, movies to watch, content to read)
  • Educate (show me how to do something)
  • Enable (make my life easier, grant me access to exclusivity)
  • Inform (keep me up to date on the things that matter to my life)

If the brand can do any of these over and above its standard offering, it’s the win.

What do you think? Should brands try to extend beyond their initial offering or is it enough to provide only the original service?


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