Every Digital Dog Has Its Day…

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I‘m a full-on cat person. That said, I’m also about happy homes for pets of all species. That’s why this caught my eye some weeks ago…

Every year, hundreds of appeals go out for folks to adopt dogs who have been abandoned at shelters. And every year, hundreds of them get ignored.

So how do you drive awareness of this situation and increase the adoption numbers?

You dramatise the hell out of the process. You create the Doggelganger – a sophisticated piece of software that matches you to your perfect doggy doppelganger…through facial recognition. Yup, the software reads your face and then picks the best match for you from its database of pooches.

Insight: This is a beautiful digital stunt by Colenso BBDO and a simply great use of facial detection software. Not only is it fun but it also drives home the story of the unwanted dogs that need homes.

Has it increased adoptions? I haven’t been able to find numbers for the New Zealand charity directly but with the story being picked up by MSNBC, it will probably raise awareness of similar dogs around the world. Pretty sure you’re going to see this one in award shows (that’s advertising shows, not dog shows).

If you want to try the Doggelganger,  click the picture in this post.


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