Technically Creative…

Is there a switch happening in the world? Before it used to be enough to be creative conceptually. If you were a creative thinker, then you were in the pound seats. But with the development of a culture of ubiquitous creativity, it seems conceptual is not enough. You have to be able to execute.

In other words, if  you have a song in your head, you should be able to sing it in key, compose it or even play it. If you have the idea for a great movie, you should be able to shoot it. If you have the idea for a great product design, you should be able to realise it.

You need to back up your creative thinking with creative practical skill. I’m not saying you need to be able to code flawless HTML 5 but if you want to be a force in digital art-direction, then maybe it doesn’t hurt to know how. Maybe find a tool that helps you do that.

And of course, the more people back their creativity with skill, the better for us all. The scarcity with situation has the potential to create a market of quality creatives  who can deliver on their plans. One-stop solution shops for clients, if you will.

Perhaps this shift is the last move in the decentralisation of commercial creativity. It may just be the return to the ways of  patrons and commercial commissions. It’ll place creativity back in the hands of the creative and not the corporation.

So what do you think? Is this the revolution in action or just a blip we should ignore?


4 thoughts on “Technically Creative…

  1. I totally agree with this, and it reminded my of an interview in Mens Health years ago with Robert Rodriguez, an excerpt:

    — When I was 15, I worked at a photo lab. My boss saw my photos and said, “Wow, these are really creative. That’s a gift. But you have to learn how to be technical, because if you can be creative and technical, you’ll be unstoppable.” I was like, “Ooooo, unstoppable! I like that!” [Laughs] That’s why I started being my own film crew. Once I could do all the jobs on the set, nothing could stop me. When you’re self-sufficient, you’re very scary: You don’t need anybody. —

    So he’s been a bit ahead of his time!

    • Definitely forward thinking. There are no skills that knowing won’t benefit you at some point.
      Like they say a plumber with Latin is better than a plumber without.

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