Mello Yello Brings Back The Good Ol’ Days…

Mello Yello recently relaunched its brand under the campaign “They Call Me Mello Yello”.

What’s interesting here is the commitment to engagement.

When Mello Yello’s marketing agency BFG Communications found a consumer-created Facebook Page for Mello Yello, they contacted the owner and helped turn it into an official brand page.

That’s a far cry from the more common knee-jerk “LET’S THREATEN TO SUE THEM UNTIL THEY TAKE IT DOWN” approach.

The Facebook Page features a Retro Smooth Photo Generator, which enables users to transform a photo of themselves from “not so smooth” to “smooth,” using a hipster-feeling photo filter.

It also has other hipster retro features. Not groundbreaking but still imperial tons of fun.

Mello Yello did two things right here.

First, they did their research.They knew their fans were loyal even decades later and took advantage of nostalgia.They didn’t try to rebrand or reboot. They just mined the goodwill that already existed.

Second, they sincerely engaged their consumers from the outset. It would have been textbook to launch another fan page. Instead, they engaged an existing ambassador for their fan community – and turned him into a leader.

Altogether, the Mello Yello experience shows that personality, content and responsiveness can be a winning formula in the battle for hearts and minds.

The end result: Mello Yello far surpassed their initial target of 10,000 fans by the end of 2010. The fan-number now sits around 78,000 with 80% of them being 24 or younger (not just those who remember the brand from the 80’s).

LESSON: If your consumers are congregating in one place, don’t try to lure them to another place. Fish where the fish are.

Check it out over here


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