Digital Marketing Check-in…

So I have to confess I’ve been going through withdrawal due to a lack of blogging. To that end, while the new site is still in the oven, I’m gonna keep blogging over here. I can do once a week and I’m going to focus exclusively on digital marketing and brand activation. Some of what you read here may be digital marketing 101. That’s cool. Believe or not, not everyone is a digital native or even a digital immigrant. I’ve run into some digital refugees (folks who’ve been running from the stuff). The marketing 101 is aimed at these folks.

So here we go…

Heineken hosted an augmented reality project to celebrate the 10th aniversary of the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.The result isn’t as spectacular as the strengthening of the signal that AR is moving very firmly into the mainstream.

Augmented reality uptake is gaining momentum. It has a distributed mass personalised effect, meaning everyone can experience the same results in their own way,and if they share it with their network, the recipients will also enjoy their own individualised experience. And with the technology for AR becoming easier and easier to locate and own (iPad2, adidas, etc), it’s a platform that should be exploited. In fact, unlike video map projections, this area is still fresh. Do your research and find a way for your brand to take advantage of this space.

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