Everyone’s up in arms about this Wikileaks thing. It’s the global digital equivalent to reading the secret diary of the most popular girl in school only to find out she’s a complete bitch who hates everyone. And now she’s out for blood.

Some Republicans are calling for Julian Assange’s death, America has stopped short of threatening Switzerland with a Patriot-missile-powered wedgie if they give sanctuary to Assange, and Australia (Assange’s homeland) and France have sided with the States. In fact, with the American government flexing its muscles and getting privately owned companies to toe the line, the score is pretty much in the USA’s favour…but only just. Ironically, this is the same country that has no problem with TSA, satellite-surveillance of its citizens, Guantanamo Bay, redaction of documents….

Julian Assange is doing more than just pissing off the world. He’s testing this whole “Freedom of Speech”, rights of the individual, no-one is above accountability idea. And he’s doing it through digital/social media. This enitre situation is the proving ground for the true power of digital/social media. We’ve all being crowing about how digital/social media can make a sustainable difference, so now’s the time to put up or shut up. And on that note…

Fuck your Wikileaks Twibbon.

Twibbons are about as much use as taking a knife to a gunfight. Ditto changing your avatar. And all these “safe”, “fire and forget” digital protests are nothing without real world action. DO SOMETHING! If you support Wikileaks, set up a mirror server, send a donation to Wikileaks or their supporters, use your imagination…

Ultimately though, it’s your choice on whose side you’ll be or if you’ll even take part. Just remember that if Wikileaks is shut down, if one group manages to bend the rest of the world to its will, there’s no going back. We’ve said this about Al Qaeda; the same is now true of the American government.

FOR THE RECORD: I’m boycotting Amazon because they decided to shut down the Wikileaks server…but mostly because they’re all about enabling paedophiles. Yeah, apparently Amazon is cool with dirty crazed perverts fucking your kids. I’m not.



One thought on “Uh-oh…

  1. Great post! And bloody hell, Amazon and paedophiles?! I mean, unless it was really a self-help guide to relieving the urges in other ways, you know. Like enjoying people your own age instead. That could possibly help the world. But paeds have some sick condition and no book is going to solve it.
    Freedom of speech all the way. But there is a line. Or is there? Hmmm…..
    Interesting one.


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