Will It Suck? Social Masturbation Edition…

Miss me?

Of course, you did. So I’m going to make it up to you. No no, put your pants back on… Next time we’ll do the whole “Deep Six” thing. Promise.

This time, we’re gonna play “Will It Suck?” – featuring “The Social Network” movie.

Really? We’re making movies about Facebook now? Come on! It’s not like Zuckerberg is anywhere near as exciting as Branson or even Trump or even watching paint dry. What’s he known for? Being a pissy, moaning panty-waist when his users get upset about his cheap-and-nasty privacy policies. And then there are the lawsuits… So do we want to watch the talented Jesse Eisenberg play the role of the whiny, god-complex based founder of what is arguably the greatest time-thief since the invention of the Rubik’s cube?

Computer says no. Better Eisenberg stars in another awesome zom-com and leave the faux documentary stuff to people who can do it really well, like Ricky Gervais – who is a god by the way. No, really. The man is a comedy genius. Check out his shit on Youtube.

Oh…and we noticed the whole “The Social Network” thing. The use of the definite article and its ambiguity was about as subtle as a Heath Ledger’s suicide. Anyway…

The Facebook Flick: will it suck?

Case closed.


2 thoughts on “Will It Suck? Social Masturbation Edition…

  1. No really. It actually does. It’s long and boring. They’ve taken what would normally be a mildly entertaining anecdote and made it into a two hour drawl. Watching it on Sunday I caught my boyfriend fast asleep and drooling.

    In other news, Ricky Gervais is god. Watch “An Idiot Abroad”. Produced by Ricky it features his colleague Karl Pilkington visiting all the Wonders of the World. It doesn’t feature Ricky but it has his handwriting all over it.

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