6 Reasons NOT To Personalise Your Blog/Site…

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Jezus Kitty

Yes. I know. No. Don't email me.

So as you may have noticed, I’ve taken the leap and named this site after myself. Yes, it’s a vanity thing. Seriously though, it’s one of a few changes I’m implementing around the site, all for the better…


I thought long and hard about identifying myself with the site. It wasn’t an easy decision. There were professional and personal concerns to be considered but in the end…well, like I said: vanity.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the things I considered when making the change. Think of it as a “warning” of sorts should you be thinking about do the same thing. If you have any of your own, feel free to add them in the comments…

1. No more hiding – Once you put your name on the domain, that’s you all over, buddy. Unless your name is John Smith and you get mistaken for some other John Smith very often, you’re pretty much running your flag up the pole for all to see…and they will see.

2. No more hiding – No, it’s not a typo. You will be defined by what you say on your website. At the face of it, it’s unfair. This is just snapshot of who you are, right? There’s like a million different facets of what makes up your complex personality. You’re a human being with feelings, dammit! Nope. You’re whatever the skim-reading troglodyte who’s clicked on your site says you are because (and here’s the kicker), you are responsible for what you put on the site. Your only defence is your own intelligence. So give it some thought before you hit “publish”.

3. Trogolodytes – spam comments, virus attacks, content-scrapers…they’re all gonna be nipping at your heels, like a pack rabid zombie babies with a taste for heels. It’s a headache. It’s a nightmare. It’s a reality.

4. Maintenance – You’re only as good as your last update. So keep it fresh. It’s like a newspaper. You don’t buy yesterday’s news and people don’t read old content (unless you can give them a reason to). It’s harder than it looks. I can point you in the direction of at least one guy who tried this and failed miserably. His landing page now points you to his Twitter profile. #fail

5. You’re gonna have to be you – I mean, don’t try to be anyone you’re already reading. They already exist. Try to be yourself.

6. The web is vicious – Here’s the other thing: if you’re not interesting, the web is the nastiest most immediate way to find that out. Thicken your skin and gird your loins because the internet has no mercy.

That’s about it. Actually, it’s not but I’m tired and there’s a turkey wrap with my name on it somewhere. If despite my warnings above, you’re still going to go ahead with launching your own blog/site, then do so. Just don’t come crying to me when they  burn you in effigy wherever people still believe in burning scripture and flags to prove their point. No-one, not even Jezus Kitteh, can save you then…


2 thoughts on “6 Reasons NOT To Personalise Your Blog/Site…

  1. Great list! When I started out blogging I went into it with the personal angle and never turned back, I know it would work for me. Over the years a number of bloggers have asked me this very question, “Should I come out?”, “Should I put my name on the blog?”, “Should I put my pictures up” and I feel that I’ve given them good advice, but I’ve never documented it, which is what you’ve done and it’s a great resource, one which I can now refer people too!

    The next question is: Is it better to personalise your blog or not? 🙂

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