The beginning of the end

So…for the last 2 years I’ve been writing this blog. And it’s been fun, writing about the media, marketing and advertising worlds. That said, I’ve found that recently I’ve wanted to move beyond that. I have draft posts written about many other things that I’ve never published simply because they didn’t fit in with the strapline of this blog. Ironically, I shut down my personal blog while still in its infancy to focus on this one.

Until the tragic virus attack, I was guest-writing on Baydu.co.za (keep your eyes open for the return of that awesome site) and that was a lot of fun. Again, an irony because while I was writing about media, marketing and advertising there too, I found that I was shelving a lot of topics that didn’t fit the column I was supposed to write.


This blog is going to evolve a bit over the next few months. The timing is deliberate because the best time to make a change like this is when no-one’s looking and December/January are traditionally low-traffic times for this blog. Anyway, the evolution is going to be one of broadening the purview of this blog. It will probably remain at its core a media/marketing/advertising blog but the angle is going to change and there will be more “other stuff” here too.

Hope you guys like the changes.

HOUSEKEEPING TIP: you may have noticed this blog is now at http://amodmunga.com. Don’t stress. It’s one of the other few changes I’ve been making behind the scenes. In time, I will be updating the email/RSS subscription links but I’ll let you know when that happens…


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