Full On Friday…

Yeah. I haven’t done one of these in a while… Interwebz issues. So I think we should kick this one off in an appropriate fashion…


Bastiches all!


Ok…so first up is Antonie Dodson, all the way from Huntsville, Alabama in the USA. No preamble, since Antonie will tell you “urrrthing” you need to know…

By the way, this dude is now a legitimate internet phenomenon, complete with his own t-shirt line and “urrrrthing”. Hey, it wouldn’t be ghetto if you couldn’t make a buck off your sister’s unfortunate misadventure.

Moving on…

One for the Lady Gaga fans. This is Bad Romance played on…just click the clip…

Pretty bloody surreal, no? And here’s a FAIL clip of note. You don’t have to understand NFL rules, the commentator will walk you through it.

Guess we know who spent the afternoon picking up the soap in the shower that day.

And finally, do you like scary movies? If you do, you probably watched Paranormal Activity. Well, here’s the trailer for the sequel.

Will it be as good as it’s hoped/hyped? You read this blog…is it ever as good you hope? Don’t answer that.


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