Calling It..

There’s been a bit of a stink going around lately… A bunch of people have been getting all hot under the collar about advertising and marketing to kids…

I’m calling bullshit.

Here’s the thing. We in advertising do try to convince people to buy a product. It’s what we do. And because there are products out there that appeal to everyone, we market those products to everyone.

Here’s a pic of Suri (WTF name is that anyway?) Cruise in high heels…

And it’s a look that (unsurprisingly because everyone love Katie whats-her-name) has caught on: toddlers in heels. Similarly, they’re selling padded bras to pre-teens. And people are understandably up in arms about it...and taking it out on the advertising industry…


Now take a seat and pay attention…

If your toddler is wearing heels or your pre-teen daughter is strapping on a padded bra, and you don’t like it, perhaps you should take a look at your parenting skills. Seriously. We’re not here to bring your kids up for you. How about you sit down with your kids and say NO…instead of caving to their every bloody whim!? Yeah, I said it…because god knows unless your kids earn millions and are emancipated minors, you (yes you soccer-mom and you absentee-dad) probably bought it for them…

We market to kids because there are products out there for kids. These products exist. We didn’t make them. We’re just telling you they’re there. And it’s up to you to decide if your kids get them or not.

Don’t shoot the messenger.


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