6 More Before Lunch…

Here’s your weekly installment of the Six Awesome Links!  Hours (OK minutes, lots of minutes) of good clean clicky fun…

  1. Death By Powerpoint – We’ve all battled through it at least once. Wikipedia breaks it down.
  2. Addicted to Facebook? – You may be. Kick the habit and get addicted to this blog!
  3. The Most Tasteless Offensive Web Comic – It does what it says on the box. One of my faves!
  4. For the ladies – A few simple tips on how to ask for a raise. Bet you stop dead at #1. I know I did… 🙂
  5. Babes and bullets – if you like old school radio plays, here’s a modern take on the detective noir genre.
  6. Avatar vs Aliens – from the guy who totally destroyed the Twilight “phenomenon”…

And there you have it. Click away and don’t say I never send you nuthin’…



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