People Who Need People…

A moment if you please…

Over the course of my life, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of knowing people who ultimately can be called “haters”. You’ve probably run into your own fair share of these types – and if you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably collected a number of these…

The Outright Hater (who loathes your every success and always tries to put you down), the Vampire (they’re the ones who only call you when their life’s in the shitter and then you never hear from them again – until the next time. I recently cut one of those) and the worst of the worst, the Fairweather Friend.

The Fairweather Friend hangs around you when everything is tickety-bloody-boo, always in your space sharing in your fortune. And then when the shit hits the fan, they disappear faster than a Catholic priest at the centre of sex-scandal. They’re the worst because they never reveal themselves until it’s too late. I knew one. We were mates for years. When my old man died, I called him to ask him if he would swing by my place to check on my moms and my wife, while I flew halfway across the country for the funeral. He didn’t even come to the phone.

In contrast, I’ve discovered that people of value are rare. I’ve met a handful of really good people and I do everything I can to stay in touch with them (especially since I’ve moved halfway around the world). A text message, a BBM, an email, an FB poke… I don’t have to mention them by name because they know who they are.

Speaking of Facebook, true friendship is so scarce that we’re willing to risk Farmville, stalkers and trolls to find those people who add value to our lives and keep them as close as we can. Actually, I think we should be more active in the negative selection aspect of our social lives. We actively choose not to engage with so many other things in our lives (brands, movies, music, books) and yet we choose not to do that where it matters most: our personal relationships. We cling to tenuous relationships on the off chance that maybe one day those people will add value in some way in the future. Chances are if you examine your reasons for clinging you may find your own motives less than honourable.

Deselect people who don’t add value to your life – and make room for those that do…


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