Get On With It…

So your Monday sucks, huh? The office got you down, huh? Tired of your colleagues, huh? Internet is too slow for your liking, huh?


Seriously. I’m just a little tired of the MONDAY whining. It’s all over Twitter, Facebook and in my email. What gets me is that you took time out to even type that shit. Don’t you have anything even remotely productive to do? You’re probably sitting in a comfy bloody office chair, snacking on a chocolate muffin (your eighth of the hour if you’re a certain station manager of a certain radio station), enjoying the air-conditioning and the view, and basically living the good life…

…unlike those 33 poor Chilean sods trapped 700 metres underground in a cave-in. By the way, they’re going to be there for around 4 months (on top of the 3 weeks they’ve already been there). 4 months – because that’s how long it will take to safely drill a tunnel they can climb out of.

And the first person to say something like  “Yeah, it was their choice to work as miners” will be rudely sodomised with a shaft, roughly hewn from oak, not sanded and definitely equal to or greater in girth than your head. Do some research. They don’t have much choice.

Yeah. Unless your job is potentially life-threatening, you got nothing on those guys. NOTHING. So get back to work and thank whatever you hold holy that you’re able to stand up and go home at the end of the day.

You ungrateful waste of skin…


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