Le Temps Retrouvé…

As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a Goodfella…

No wait…try that again…

As far back as I can remember, there’s been a reaction I get when I tell people what I do for a living (and it was more marked when I was freelancing). It’s that raised eyebrow or that blank look that meets your confession of being  a “Creative”. You don’t wear a tie to work. You don’t keep regular hours. Your output can’t be measured on a spreadsheet. Your impact can’t be seen on a balance sheet.

And people simply just don’t get what we do…so they treat us a little differently. Sure, we’re not doctors but then we’re not lawyers or accountants or politicians either. What we do is create, dream, mess things up, turn them upside down, shake them about… In times gone past, maybe we would have been kicked out of the clan. Maybe we would have been burnt at a stake (let’s face it, there’s a good number of us who just about survive in society). These days, we’re still the anomalies but at least we’re guests at dinner parties and not the entertainment…or the main course. Of course, we’re still the people other people are sometimes scared to chat to…because we see, say, think, do things differently. We get passionate about the weirdest stuff and probably carry it in our pockets. We’ll play with your pets (some of us will even entertain your…ugh…kids) and we do weird things with cutlery.

At the most polite, the most extreme of us are “eccentric”. At the other end of the spectrum, they’re bloody insane.  That’s cool. The names don’t hurt. That you don’t take us seriously? Yeah, that can be annoying. You see, without us, you have no comedians. No artists. No musicians. No poets. No authors. No storytellers. No graffiti. No fashions. No photography. All you got is spreadsheets and ties…

So the next time you meet someone who works in the creative field, cut her a little slack. Chances are she already weirds herself out every so often…

And because you’ve been thinking about it since the beginning of this post, here it is:



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