Six Links Before Lunch…



Before we get into the Six Sexy Links Of The Week, a quick detour…

It’s that time of year again. The  SA Blog Awards are upon us. Now, I’ve already made my feelings clear about these competitions over here (opens in new window) but I’d like you to consider voting for 2 blogs.

The first is SLXS (opens in a new window). It’s run by a bloke named Sean Lloyd. He’s already been nominated in the categories Blog Of The Year and Best Entertainment Blog. His writing style is irreverent and completely with his tongue in your sister’s cheek. I totally recommend checking him out and voting for him.

As you know (or not) I guest-column on another blog over at Baydu.Co.Za (opens in a new window), written by Baydu Adams. It’s all about Cape Town, the Cape Flats, sports and he’s got some great interviews and stuff. Now Baydu’s nominated in the category of Best New Blog…and I totally think you should vote for him too.

Full disclosure: both these guys are mates, so yeah I’m gonna support them. The final decision on voting is yours. So check out the blogs and make the call.

OK…on with the show. Here are those Six Sexy Links you missed your daughter’s 4th birthday for…

  1. A Drifting Arctic Lab – because…well just read that again, dude. It’s AWESOME!!
  2. Like bikes? – Well then you’re gonna love this 1930 Art Deco Henderson. It’s the kind of thing Batman would ride…if he was being played by Frasier Crane.
  3. Italy (as seen in the movies) – this is just beautiful. This is an Italian castle built in 1100AD in the Tuscan countryside and now restored to probably the most luxurious old-world holiday destination you can imagine. And yes, I’m planning on going…
  4. Jak&Jil – Fashion/lookbook blogs are more commonplace than herpes. This one though is pretty damned good.
  5. Hate your boss?blow off some steam here with folks who understand…
  6. Nostalgia – if you’re on one of those people who believe that LOST just doesn’t compare to DALLAS and that CSI is nothing to  CHiPS then you’ll dig this link.

And that’s a wrap. Thanks for stopping by. Please leave your trays in an upright position and remember to take all your belongings…because we will sell it.


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