It Won’t Work…

Quantum Kitteh

Ever had an idea and were told “That’s crazy!” or  “It’ll never work”? Maybe you were too scared to even share the idea with anyone because of fear of criticism.

That’s OK.

That response has been inculcated in you since the day you set foot in school. Colour inside the lines, do your homework, silence in class… We’re brainwashed into believing that we shouldn’t cling to ideas in the face of nay-sayers.

Most people are too scared to pursue a “crazy” idea. Some people like Ben Gulak get an idea and stick with it… And reap the rewards. Dragon’s Den is a reality TV show where people with crazy ideas pitch to a panel of wealthy investors and venture capitalists. Ben appeared on the show and this is what happened…

OK. Not everyone is an inventor. Not everyone is a scientific whizz-kid. Don’t let that stop you from thinking up ideas: “stupid” ones, “crazy” ones, “useless” ones…

Write them down.

Sketch them up.

Show them to people.

Take advantage of constructive criticism. Forget the haters.

Who knows? Maybe that half-baked piece of insanity you dreamed up yesterday will make you a millionaire tomorrow…

<You can read more about Ben and his invention here… (Opens in new window)>


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