Six Links Of Interest…

Yeah. I'm busy.

Under deadline, so here’s the list without the usual preamble…

  • Alice – Madness Returns” – so you’ve seen the Johnny Depp version but you may have missed this re-imagining of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.
  • Postsecret” – probably one of the coolest, most persistent exercises in schadenfreude.
  • The 7 Wonders of the Cape Flats” – vote for your favourite today!! BONUS: click here to get exclusive pics from the WP training camp session this week.
  • Worth1000 – a site where photoshop artists battle it out in carious categories. This link jumps to the impossible celebrity couple competition. Some very interesting (and some very weird) stuff…
  • International Cuss Words – in the interest of foreign relations, here’s how tell anyone in the world exactly what you think of them (the Afrikaans is too funny!).
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors V2.0 –  an updated version of the classic kids’ game (or way to decide anything from which country to invade to drinking a pint)

There you have it. Six random links of interest. Go away now.


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