Full On Friday (ON MONDAY!!!)…

Owing to a technical error (read: I kinda forgot about it) I didn’t blog last week’s FULL ON FRIDAY!! So here it is for Monday…

For those of you wondering what FULL ON is all about, remember that feeling you got when your test results came back clean. Yeah. Now hold that feeling and add some chocolate sprinkles…sprinkled by Justene Jaro (see below) in a catsuit…. That’s it. That’s it right there.

Countdown to the first complaint begins...now!

By the way, the above pic is not Justene (I call her Justene) in a catsuit. It’s a cat giving cause for a lawsuit. AHAHAHA…ahem…anyway…

OK, now that we’ve cleared that up, mix up your favourite roofy smoothy, turn out the lights, grab the melon balls and enjoy last week’s FULL ON FRIDAY ON MONDAY (IN UNNECESSARY UPPERCASE LETTERS AND SUPERFLUOUS  EXCLAMATION MARKS!!)!!

The Ibex: majestic, proud and grumpier than an old man with a loose catheter…I don’t know what this guy is saying to the beast but clearly he’s pissing him off…

I wonder if “UUURRRRRGGGHH” is (Ibenese?Ibexis?Iberian?) for “I’m gonna kick your ass”?

And this one from the people over bet-at-home.com…

Zidane would have been proud.

Now I love cats but every so often a dog comes around and impresses the hell out of me. Like this one who clearly understands that there’s only one superhero worth mentioning…

Suck on that, Superman, you primary-coloured schmuck….

And finally, as promised here’s (Nike and) Justene Jaro… Yes. She of the chocolate sprinkles.


Yes. It won’t make me buy shoes but it will get me to…um…watch the clip again.

Now get out of here, you crazy kids – and have a great week!!

Blue skies…


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