Viral Sickness…

I’m only going to say this one more time: “VIRAL” is a phenomenon, not an execution or a product. Look, if you upload a clip or capture an image or design a poster or create a great content, until a mass of people start passing it around it’s not viral. If your agency or creative consultant or overpaid in-house marketing/brand manager starts talking to you about “creating virals”, start looking for replacements.

LOLCATS. Truly viral.

And here’s a stunning example of a “viral”.

Wow. Can you imagine the pitch for this one?

“OK!! So there’s this bunch of teens, right? And they’re paddling up the canal in Amsterdam? What do you mean ‘what canal’? Any canal! No, I don’t mean Venice. Dude. I’ve been to California and there are no canals there. There’s a beach… Anyway…you’re making me lose my place. Hang on. Let me take a hit off this bong I made from a baby’s head. Aaahhh. Much better… So then this shark comes and tries to attack them, right? And the dude…wait for this…the dude throws the some KFC in the water and…the shark goes for it! Huh? HUH? Awesome, right?”

And because I’m well-versed in irony, I understand that this load of bollocks may in fact go viral owing to all the publicity it’s getting…including on this blog. Note: that should read “negative publicity“. In fact, all that’s missing from this clip is a guest appearance from the Fail Whale.

Final point: don’t make anything to “go viral”. Make it to be entertaining, edifying, uplifting, funny, groundbreakingly excellent…and viral will take care of itself.


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