The Power Of 6…

A couple of weeks ago, Mitch Joel (author of Six Pixels Of Separation – get a copy if you don’t have one – and check out his blog by clicking his face on the right-hand side of this blog) caught my attention with a post about sharing Six Interesting Links. It’s what it says on the box: share six interesting links about whatever with whomever.

It’s a pretty neat idea – and one which I’m gonna make a regular feature of this blog (hope you don’t mind, Mitch).


So here are my six links (each of which open in a new window):

  • Taliep Peteresen” – a reminder of the man and his genius, gone too soon from this planet.
  • “Billionaire Map” – if you wanna get rich quick, here’s a handy list for for all the gold-diggers and kidnappers out there….
  • “Rent A Friend” – Β no, it’s not Facebook. Actually it is, with all the other crap removed… πŸ™‚
  • “World Cup Breakdown” – Missed a game? Here’s the world’s best graphical breakdown of the world’s greatest footballing event.
  • “Five Minute Fiction” – an interesting writing project in its infancy now but looks like it could be going somewhere. Check it out.
  • “Hot. Geek. Chicks” – yes.

Of course, you totally have to visit Mitch’s site to check out his lists. Hmmm, linky goodness…


3 thoughts on “The Power Of 6…

  1. You can feel free, but the point of it was a little deeper than just sharing six links. In fact, it’s three people each choosing one link for the other person. The idea was to expand each individual’s horizons by actively seeking out a link for the other person (whose interests are vastly different).

    It’s an experiment to push out beyond what we all normally look at πŸ™‚

    • Cool. Then I’ll make sure that the Six Links I post here are of the non-marketing variety and see how the audience reacts. Hopefully, they’ll enjoy the off-menu jumps. Thanks for stopping by, Mitch. πŸ™‚

  2. Ok…. So I finally noticed and clicked on the “Incoming Links” button…. And VOILA! I discovered THE Chronicles. (Such an infant, yes…)
    Thank you kindly for the mention above.
    I write some more.


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