The Art Of Life…

Seth Godin writes good stuff. OK. That’s an understatement. He writes GOOD stuff. And unless you’ve been living under a rock (or sitting in your cushy MD’s office stuffing your fat face with sushi using money that should have gone to your staff’s increases), you’d know that his latest book, Linchpin (which I’ve mentioned before in this blog), is filled with good stuff.

In essence, it’s about being an artist, about committing to applying the best of yourself and your talents in your professional life.

Art. It's what you are.

It’s a GOOD book.

Personally though, I gotta say that this principle of “artistry” could be much better employed in your personal life. Imagine if you put all the effort you put into earning your paycheque into earning your son’s respect…or your daughter’s trust. Imagine if you put as much effort as you do into that monthly report into something like surprising your spouse with a back massage or a romantic night out.

Linchpin is a GOOD book. I recommend buying it. And once you’ve got the principles down pat in your professional life, apply them to your personal life.

I bet it’ll pay more dividends than you can imagine.

To read Seth’s stuff (for free), click his head on the right-hand side of this page.


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