What Matters (A Reminder)…

Warning: this one’s got nothing to do with marketing, advertising or media.

I’ve written quite a bit about what matters vs. what doesn’t.

Because this is what matters...

Last week, I flew halfway around the world to say goodbye to my mother. I missed her funeral because I couldn’t get a flight out of Dubai soon enough. On the flight in to Cape Town, I realised that 3 years earlier, my old man passed away in a hospital thousands of miles away from me. At least, that time, I was in the same country.

You spotting a pattern? I did. And it got me thinking again…about what matters and what doesn’t.

Clearly this is a no-brainer. Family, friends, loved ones…these trump anything and everything in life. Of course, the reality is you have to pay the bills…but paying the bills shouldn’t be at the cost of everything else. And here, everything else refers to those things in your life that really matter.

But we don’t think that way. It’s uncomfortable and a downer. So don’t think about it that way. Just tell the people that matter to you that you love them. Today. Now.

Don’t wait, because you may not get another chance. Take it from someone who knows.


One thought on “What Matters (A Reminder)…

  1. I hope you’re holding up alright mate, nobody deserves such loses.

    You’re very right though, it’s important for us to look at who’s around us, who’s most important, and who’s been there for us and make sure that we recognise these people and make time for these people. This topic interests me because over the last month or two I’ve started to think like this, instead of having a large friendbase or whatnot, I’ve decided to rather refine the list and concentrate on a select few that really mean a lot to me, be it family, friends or colleagues. I’m not saying that I’ve tossed the others away, I’ll just be more conscious about how I divide my time up.

    Sending good vibes your way!

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