Private Policies…

Meant to blog about this last week…

Facebook has changed its privacy settings back to that simple one-click privacy-on/privacy-off vibe. No more selecting this and deselecting that. And with that announcement there was much rejoicing in the world.

Lolcat and Facebook

Yup...even your cat is doing it.

Here’s a question: who’s auditing that change?

A long time ago, I used to be a programmer, writing code for desktop apps, websites and the like.  I’m no hacker but I learned a few things in that time, not the least of which is just because the button says “Print”, it doesn’t mean it’s not also going dispatch a copy of the document you’re printing to another machine or store a copy of it on another hard drive 200 kms from you.

The Facebook frontend may have changed but can we really trust that what happens behind the screen is what we’re seeing – especially in light of all the recent bad press surrounding Facebook and these privacy issues? Yes, I still have a Facebook profile. And yes, the privacy settings display the result I like to see but I’ve no guarantee that Facebook isn’t keeping any of that content. Seriously, have you seen the ads being served up on the right-hand side of your screen? They’re so cack-handed in execution, they can only be put there by a bot reading your content.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a site that sells software that can track employee usage of the internet, right down to your password for your private email. That’s a gross invasion of privacy but we all accept the “fair usage of the internet” clause when we sign our employment contracts. So if the company you work for is able to track your every key-stroke, why can’t Facebook do the same? Or Google? Or anyone?

Think about it….and get used to thinking because one day, that may be the only truly private place left in this world.

PS: The Facebook movie? Whose bright idea was that? Seriously. What in 99 flavours of freshly-naked hell-on-earth is that all about? I keep thinking it’s a prank but it looks like I was grossly mistaken. Meh.


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