Full On Friday!

So yesterday, I was a bit aggro. I’ll cop to that. And you would have been too, if you had read about Fifa’s Latest Scandal and The Parlotones’ twisted take on patriotism (visit the homepage to catch those stories). But that was yesterday and today it’s Full-On Friday!

So grab granny, slip her a roofie suppository and let’s ride off into the weekend…

Here’s a clever little something for Ultimate Skincare

So I guess there is something to be said for truth in advertising.

Puppets + plaid skirts = well…I’m not sure, hey. I do know that this Freedent Gum spot is just weird enough to make the cut for this blog, so here you go…

Creepy – and only slightly less than clown creepy. Speaking of clown creepy…

Reminds me of a certain radio breakfast show host...

Yeah. Nothing like a little unnecessary clown reference to make you wanna go have a shower…with a wire brush and a bottle of bleach.

And now, my favourite ad of the week: an all-star cast production for overturning Proposition Hate (8). Simply classic. Watch for the surfboard!

Sheer class!

And finally, here’s a little something we’ve always wanted: a site that takes your deepest, darkest sexual secrets and turns them in MSPaint artworks. Click here to visit (opens in a new window). PS: it’s kinda NSFW.

So that’s it…

Have an awesome weekend. Catch you on the Monday.

Blue skies…


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